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Internet connects the two most opposite corners of the world in just a click, and this means of communication has become so wide that no area of the humankind is left untouched. Communication through internet is what the entire mankind has been engaged on, and this not only opens spaces for business, trading and other useful reasons, but the same platform has been the reason for unethical operations ruining the society, and thus to track the operators, every computer system has been allotted an identification address, also called as IP address, and thus are originated the different IP related queries. And thus comes in service, the platform, which is the hub of IP geolocation, IP resources and to answer varied IP related enquiries.

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Why do u need platform like

There are umpteen reasons that justify the importance of check my ip, and all of this is related to enquiring about the information related to a certain computer user. The most common purpose this platform is put to, are mentioned below;

Important queries you shall know about! is everything that gets you the related information about IP address. It is one important source you need to access, as through this you will get all the related information you wish to find about the different IP addresses. Thus, we bring for you answers related to different enquiries made about check my ip.

Check-my-ip, what is it actually- It is the mapping on a certain MAC address or IP address done on real world geographical location in reference to the internet connection that the device is using. The location tracked includes country, city or region, longitude and latitude, domain name, ISP and other related useful information.

From where we can get the check-my-ip databse- No one source, but through multiple ways you can get the geolocation databases, these are available commercially and differ from each other in their pricing, and accuracy delivered in results. Some of the names who are serving the market with their excellent services include Ip2locarion, MaxMind, IPligence, Tamo soft, etc. which provides a fee based service, and these products can be easily included into web application that makes the usage more quick and convenient.

Is check-my-ip reliable- The accuracy is the direct reflection of the database that you use. For database that is designed to work on IP to country, the service provides claim accuracy that is as good as 98 to 99 percent. For IP to region, the accuracy may fall to as less as 50 to 75 percent, and this is because the results become more precise and to the point.

How does it work- A mechanism to find contact and registration related information of a certain IP resource is provided by ARIN Whois database. This information is available for free, and thus to determine the country based on the database provided is easy and quick. When a block of IP address is to be determined, as request for the same is submitted to ISP. This is yet another important service delivered by check-my-ip platform.

Check-my-ip does it work with ultimate perfection; it maintains a history of the IP address both for the senders of good email practices and also the spammers. Reason being the action related to the same could be taken in future whenever the same IP address as recorded tries to contact. This contributes directly to the reputation system held by check-my-ip, as a result the span and firewall get the ability to permanently allow or block the inflow of messages sent by the concerned IP address. Apart from this the check-my-ip team work on maintaining reputation on URL's, as a result of which the firewall and the spam get the ability to block the inflow of mails and messages that are directed from a URL that's rated poorly.

When the IP and the reputation data works in combination, the same reveals whether the message has been directed from a legitimate address or is a spam to be avoided. Once the identity of the mails or messages is identified, check-my-ip works on generating the counter measures through which the threats could be treated accordingly.

Amongst other important techniques implied by check-my-ip, the check-my-ip reputation is one renowned part, and all of these work to control their span and firewalls ability, so that the assured percentage of accuracy could be delivered to the client. It is basically the real-time based database system that marks "poor" for the check-my-ip reputation system for all those IP addressed which are manually verified as holding the poor reputation.

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